Top Seven Tips for Planning a Catholic Destination Wedding in Perfect Style

Marriage is an event of a lifetime and a lot of people prefer to enjoy a destination wedding these days. It offers romance and adventure at an exotic locale. Now what would happen, if you are from the Catholic community and want to arrange a destination wedding? Apparently, it may seem tough, but it’s not so difficult if you can get the planning right including wedding decor and floral arrangements. Let’s check out a few tips for planning a Catholic Destination Wedding in the right way:

1.  Select the location – It’s important to select the location of the wedding. Discuss with your fiancé as well as your family members about the place where you want to get married. Book your flight as well as your travel accommodation 5-6 months before your wedding date.  You may search the travel websites for finding out the best deals. Besides, you should find out a hotel having enough space for accommodating your family members and guests. Moreover, you need to talk with the priest for executing your premarital preparation required by Roman Catholic Church. Do not forget to consider the budget for your wedding guests in case you are opting for wedding at a distant place, outside your state or your country. Remember that all your guests won’t be able to attend your marriage, if you arrange your wedding at a far-off place.

2.  Send cards to guests beforehand – Wedding cards play a significant role in case of destination wedding.  You must send cards to your guests just after your wedding has been fixed mentioning the date and venue of your marriage. The cards are important for your guests as they have to make the plans and preparations accordingly for booking their flights and hotel rooms to attend your celebration.

3.  Pay heed to the local marriage law – If it’s a destination wedding, you need to follow the local marriage law of the state you are traveling to. In case, you are confused, get in touch with the tourism bureau for checking all the essential criteria you should meet for getting married legally. Always carry your passport and birth certificate as id proof.  Besides, it is obligatory for some countries to apply for a marriage license.  Be sure to arrive at your desired wedding destination a few days earlier than your wedding for completing the official procedures.

4.  Seek the assistance of state attorney general – You could also take the assistance of the attorney general of your state. If you are following all the legal procedures of marriage, U.S. will recognize your marriage. Nevertheless, if you have any kind of doubt, you should seek advice from the attorney general of your state. If you lose your marriage license, always ask for another certified copy.

5.  Appoint a local priest – You also need to hire a local priest and tell him all the details about your wedding plan. Find out the Catholic Church from the internet or else, you can ask your local priest to provide you the contact info. The priest can assist you in choosing the structure of your ceremony and the readings. Furthermore, you may have to attend the premarital course of your community and fill up all the important paper works provided by the priest. As soon as your paperwork will get approval from the priest, you can send all the documents to the Chancery office who in turn forwards the paper to the office of the canonical affairs at the site of your wedding. However, if you want all the papers to arrive at the right office, you should take the preparations 3-4 months before your wedding.

6.  Choose an Event Planner – In order to plan your wedding ceremony in a befitting way, you must choose an event planning service provider. Search online for a wedding event planner who will take all the responsibilities pertaining to your caterer, musicians, flowers and reception party. If required, you may opt for a wedding planner specializing in arranging destination weddings to make all sorts of arrangement related to your wedding. A local wedding planner can help you a lot in hiring vendors and making all the arrangement on your budget. It is more helpful in case you are planning your wedding at a place, where you don’t know the native language.

7.  Order a ceremony program – If you are inviting non-Catholic guests to your wedding, you can order a ceremony program. This would help your guests to understand the symbolism of your Catholic wedding ceremony.

Follow these simple tips and plan your Catholic destination wedding ( in the perfect manner.

What You Should Know About Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Once all the rush of your wedding ceremony and reception is settled and you are back to the regular everyday monotony of life, the first thing which, then comes to your mind is storing your wedding gown in a way that preserves it in the best possible manner and safeguards it from all outdoor pollutants.

Though, till a few years back the only popular wedding dress preservation method available in the market was vacuum packing, but nowadays it is not considered to be a good storage system. Though it protects your garments from oxidation damage, but one of the major drawbacks of this preservation method is that it causes permanent creasing and makes it difficult to reuse that garment ever again. In this preservation method, all the air is sucked out from the garment bag, which makes storage easier and decreases the storage space. However, this also causes the bridal gown to shrivel and does not allow the cloth to breathe. Some experts believe in the leave alone protection method, but in fact, this method can harm and cause irreparable damage to your bridal dress. The problem is when you fold over an item of clothing and store it for a long time then the material of your garment tends to deteriorate from the folds. As the box is opaque, this also makes the periodic inspection of your gown very hard and if even a small amount of moisture is left while storing, it can result in mold and mildew. This is the reason why even museums have stopped using this procedure for storing their heirlooms and costumes. As compared to vacuum preserving, leaving your gown hanging in your wardrobe may be a better storage idea!

But the good news is that there are a wide variety of preservation methods available in the market these days, which are more advanced and offer better protection. The first step towards any storage system is getting your bridal gown dry-cleaned. This will offer added protection for storage and your gown will also be ready for wearing, next time you take it out. You can also use boxing to store your gown. In this method, a box is lined with aid free tissue and the dress is kept in it. The only flaw in this procedure is that it takes a lot of space and again periodic investigation is difficult in this method as well.

So what is the best way to store your wedding gown? The answer to this tricky question is professional garment bags. They are one of the safest preservation methods and are even used by museums and archives all over the world. They protect your gown from light, dust and permanent creasing. As these bags are made of transparent and breathable material like muslin, they also allow the gown to respire and make regular examination easy. However, remember that you should never use a plastic garment bag and get a padded hangar for added protection.

This preservation method can protect your bridal gown from various outdoor and internal risks. Here are some of the common hazards that can harm your dress and how the preservation bags can protect your wedding attire:

What You Should Know About Preserving Your Wedding Gown•  Permanent Creasing – As your bridal gown in usually humongous, storing it horizontally, without folding might not be possible. And folding the dress can result in permanent creasing and spoil your gown. While by boxing, you can prevent this a bit by opening and refolding the bridal dress, every year or so,  and by hanging you can avoid these creases all together.

•  Mildew – As good quality preservation bags are made of muslin or similar breathable material, they help in maintaining regular humidity and allow evaporation of extra moisture. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

•  Discoloration – One of the most frequent enemies of any bridal gown is yellowing or discoloration. As your bridal gown is usually in bright, sparkling white fabric, even a slight tinge of yellowing can spoil its entire look. Usually, this is caused when the fabric is not able to breathe properly or becomes a target of fumes from bad quality plastic bags. Professional garment bags ( can prevent this by using breathable muslin cloth and layers of acid-free tissues.

So, keep these factors in mind and use good quality garment bags for effective wedding dress preservation.

Set Up a Dream Wedding Venue with These Decor Tips

A good décor is more than what meets the eye – it pays attention to effective space utilization, carpentry, graphics, fabric, furniture and so on. It also ensures a proper blend of all the elements involved, in order to create the perfect mood on your special day.

You may consider the task done as soon as you hire a wedding décor service provider, but here are few ways to make the most of it for your wedding.

Allocate budget

Create a well-defined budget for the wedding décor. Before you start planning arrangements, discuss with your family about how you want to allocate the money. Decide how much you are willing to spend on the flowers, furniture, focal pieces etc. and convey this to the wedding decoration company. Keep a buffer for unexpected or last minute expenses that may crop up.

Set Up a Dream Wedding Venue with These Decor TipsSelect themes

You can set just the décor or the entire wedding around a theme. Select one that goes well with venue of the wedding and the weather. For e.g., a vintage or rustic themed wedding during springtime works wonders when set in the sprawling gardens. Choose preset themes if you do not wish to spend extensively on customization; a good service provider of wedding decoration maintains a portfolio of the wedding assignments that they have taken up previously. If you are a creative person, browse online for ideas and get them custom made with the help of your wedding décor company.

Select décor elements

Create a list of different elements that you would like to include in your wedding décor – bouquets, centerpieces, aisle and altar arrangements, furniture, lighting, favors etc. Select décor pieces that blend with the theme. Take into consideration the venue of the wedding and the size of the audience to set up decoration that appeals visually and spatially.

Add a personal touch

Adding an extra element of personalization transforms your wedding into a fascinating and unforgettable experience. Select themes and décor elements that match your tastes. For instance, you may have great fondness for white orchids, or you may prefer arrangements with dry flowers. Incorporate these little details to your wedding décor and add a lot more joy to those special moments in your life.

Communicate effectively to avoid uncertainties

Planning and effective communication help avoid risks or unwelcome surprises. Visit the wedding location with your décor team or handover photographs of the venue. Discuss with them about the rituals and ceremonies involved, and other special needs that you may have. Ask for mock ups; this helps avoid ambiguity and ensures that both parties involved are happy with the work done.

Availing good wedding décor services, with a little thought and effort, can be a breeze. The attention paid to little details can transform your wedding day into the most unforgettable day of your life.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Dresses

We human beings primarily choose our clothing based on weather and that is why we require good storage options like garment storage bags for preserving our precious clothes such as wedding dresses. In winter we get our scarves and hats out and in summer we get our lighter garments out from wherever they have been stored. For an organized type of person, this is the time to arrange, clean and store all the summer clothes. At least for few months from now you won’t need any bikinis, shorts, sleeveless and half sleeves.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Dresses

Without proper garment storage bags your clothes are likely to worn out earlier and show signs of decay. From the damage caused by mildew and insects to the stains gathered from dust gathered in storage boxes, there are too many ways the damage can set in. Let us now provide here a thorough guide as how to prepare your garments before storing them for longer period of time.

Cleaning, drying and ironing the clothes

Obviously, cleaning and drying the clothes properly is the first step to begin with when you plan for long time storage for the last season garments. While cleaning, make sure that the garments are cleaned thoroughly and show no signs of stains or dirt on them. Stains and dirt left for a long time become stiffer and cause permanent damage to the fabric of the garment and they are also likely to attract insects. After giving your garments a proper wash it is advisable to dry them properly as deposit of moisture can actually turn into damaging stains on the garment fabric. Lastly, as soon as you have washed and dried your garments ironing them is advisable before heading for storage as you can preserve the shine and stylish pleats and folds of the garments better this way.

Avoid air-tight vacuum packing

For the purpose of saving storage space many people prefer vacuum packing that squeezes the garments in a tight leaded space devoid of any air. But experts say that the natural fabric of the garments needs air to sustain their quality, shine, timber, softness and durability. Actually the fabric made of natural ingredients needs to breath and in absence of air for a longer period of time they are very likely to lose their structure and integrity. Actually in vacuum pack the garment fibers are compressed and thus garments loses their usual shape and it takes days to come back to their original look and feel. For all your precious suits, wedding dresses, designer shirts and exotic stuff it is least recommended to store garments in a vacuum pack.

Do not use plastic bags

Many of us just put our precious gowns and suits in plastic bags and keep them at the wardrobe thinking that they have been stored with a separate care. Actually, quite contrary is the case. Storing garments in plastic bags causes more harm to the garment fabric than not storing them at all. Plastic bags catch moisture easily and can cause chemical reaction in the long run and so instead of storing them in such cheap bags look for some acid free storage options. Garments are precious and they need adequate storage.

Stay clear of excessive squeezing and fold

Handling with care and dignity is the right approach for garments. Though they are not breakable objects they are more susceptible to damage from rough handling than many other objects. Never ever pack too many garments in a cramped small storage place. Such squeezing of garments to accommodate too many in a small place would not leave any room for the fabric to breathe and cause irremediable damage to the fabric and designer aspects of the garments, wedding dress or uniform. Excessive squeezing in a small storage space can make damage to the shin of the fabric, stitches and the embroidery work in some garments or can damage buttons and side pockets. Before storing the garments make sure you have adequate space ready for the storage. Another advice is to avoid folding the garments beyond one or two folds as this can have the same damaging effect and can damage the smooth ironed shin and the pleats of the garments.

Ideal storage condition

Ideal storage condition for garments is obviously cool and dry place with no direct exposure to sunlight, heat and moisture. Garment fabric keeps their ideal texture and shine when stored in a cool, dry place away from any heat and light. Always make sure that the storage bag and packing is absolutely acid free and it is preferable it it offers an active ingredient to drive away moistures from inside the storage.

Wedding Florist – Things to Ask a Wedding Florist Before You Make Any Decision

Your wedding is one the most magical experiences you will ever have in your life. From flowers to music, food to the venue, everything has to be perfect. But arranging for everything before your wedding can prove to be quite an arduous task. Striking the right chord with various wedding service vendors like caterers, florists, etc. can be especially difficult. Here, you will see a few questions that you should ask your florist before booking. It will help you make an informed decision on whether the florist is right for you or not.

Will your services fit my budget as well as my requirements equally?

Before delving into the mesmerizing services that a florist provides, tell them about your budget plan and what plans you have in mind for the wedding with regard to décor and floral arrangements for weddingsWedding Florist - Things to Ask a Wedding Florist Before You Make Any Decision. This will help them decide if they can fit you into their monetary goals. It is better to say goodbye to the florist before you fall in love them only to find out that you can’t afford them.

How long have you been in this field?

What you need is a floral designer who has ample amount of experience doing weddings, and possesses the creativity to make your wedding look magical. Experienced florists will know how to execute the floral arrangements perfect for your wedding in the most efficient and timely manner. They will know what kind of arrangement fits where in no time. So, make sure you ask about their experience before you make a decision.

Can I see some of your previous works?

Seeing their previous works you will be able to judge what kind of designing style they adhere to. You can decide whether it suits what you have in mind for your wedding. By examining their works you will also get to see how they have evolved over time and if they are capable of being dynamic. You should also carefully examine their feedbacks when you show your inputs, such as photos, collages, design ideas, etc. If you get a feel that they know what you are talking about, working with them will be a breeze.

Will you make samples for me to see and let me modify it?

Without actually seeing your design come to life, there is no way you can absolutely sure about it. No matter how impressive the presentation of the florist is, ask them for a sample beforehand so that you can judge it based on firsthand knowledge. Some florists will offer you samples if you are willing to pay a minimum advance amount, while for some additional payments are required. This is a great way to decide whether you like every detail about the arrangement or if you need any modification done. It is better to find it out before the big day arrives.

What type of décor do you think would go well with the floral arrangement?

Ask the florists for opinion on the décor that would complement the floral arrangement perfectly. It is better to choose a florist who is interested in the overall arrangement of your venue and not just the flowers. That way you can understand whether they have good taste, and if they will be able to bring out a design that goes hand in hand with other arrangements. Some designers will additional services related to décor as well.

How do you take your payment?

Before you strike a deal with any florist, you need to be fully aware of how the payment process works. Different florists resort to different methods for the purpose. Some demand a fee per item, while some charge based on the service rendered. There might be a delivery charge, which they may not mention. Be sure that you ask them about it. Otherwise you might have to face unprecedented charges on the day of the wedding. Enquire about the payment plan, and as to when the payment is due.

How does the refund/cancellation criterion work?

Do not forget to mention this in your discussion with a potential florist. Since no one can predict the future, unforeseen factors may arise which may lead to cancellation or postponement of weddings. Make sure you are aware of every aspect of their policy regarding cancellations and refunds, and that you are comfortable with them. You might also want to ask them about their liability insurance.

Floral arrangement of a wedding ( can bring a certain unparalleled charm to the event. You need to make sure that you pick the right florist for the job to get it done perfectly. Keep these questions in mind before you walk into any meeting with a potential florist for your wedding.

Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe after the Ceremony

Wedding is obviously the most special occasion in a person’s life and he or she always like to preserve the swettest memories of this grand day by preserving dresses, jewelries and many other items for as long as he or she lives. Among all the memorable little things and precious objects wedding dress always enjoy a very special place of importance. With every wedding photograph and moments inscribed in your memory most returning theme would be this dress itself. But as soon as the wedding ceremony is over and guests returned to their homes and respective destinations it is needed to prepare this precious piece of cloth with proper cleaning and then storing it in a proper storage least susceptible to any damaging elements. Keeping the wedding dress safely stored just after the ceremony is over will guarantee long life for this ever memorable piece of garment.

Options for damage preventing storage

There is an array of easy and fool-proof storage technology to keep your wedding dress in a nice condition maintaining all the shine, look and breathe of the fabric for long time. There are dedicated wedding dress storage bags Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe after the Ceremonyto prevent coming into contact with any damaging effect like the moisture, chemical reaction caused to fabric due to corrosive elements in the air and inadequate space in storage. Moreover, there are active protective technologies in certain storage bags that can guarantee keeping your wedding dresses breathing for years long. But before indulging into the consideration on suitable storage options let us offer here some tips and guidance prior to keeping them in storage.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Techniques

First of all, the dress should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the optimum condition of the garment fabric while put in storage. Removing so called prominent and noticeable stains apart cleaning process should also take care of all the obscure spots and stains. This is why it is advisable to make your garments cleaned by the professional hands rather than regular cleaning service. There are certain types of stains like that of champagne and sugar that can be left unclean by regular wash. Remember, if such small and imperceptible stains remain untreated, they can oxidize and over a period of time can turn yellow stains causing permanent damage to the garment. Wedding dress is precious and you would always have a sweet corner for it among the valuable and so giving it a professional clean is important. Secondly, ensure gentle hand cleaning with a quality cleaning materials. Traditional dry-cleaning method involving pre-treating of the stains and then offering a thorough dry-cleaning is also good time tasted procedure. But ensure few things like the extremely gentle solvent used in dry cleaning, removing the fragile decorations and the muslin wherever possible and then re-sewing them after the cleaning, etc. Stay away from using hard stain removers as they can cause permanent damage to the fabric and always give priority to petroleum-based cleansers as stain removers, because they are relatively gentle on the fabric.

Safe keep as quick as possible

As for storing your wedding dress ( is concerned you cannot just delay on it because the stains on the garments can settle further deeper. If you have already washed the garment and did not arrange the adequate safe keep for it, it can again catch stain and by catching moisture can be in a very bad shape at the time of storage. So, as soon as the garment is cleaned and dried just make sure you have stored it in a proper storage prepared or arranged well in advance. Remember, a maximum duration of 72 hours you can keep such precious garments out of storage. When putting the entire dress in storage check the entire settings including the veil, headpiece, garter, train, etc.

Correct packaging or storage is crucial

Ultimately it is the correct packaging materials or the storage technology that makes a difference in retaining the shine and fabric of the entire dress for a longer period of time. Storage and its active technology to ward off moisture and corrosive material in the air is the key element to ensure the life of your wedding dress. There are few important aspects to consider. First of all, the storage materials should be absolutely acid-free and thoroughly clean. Secondly, using a acid free paper for wrapping the garment is crucial to ensure ideal storage condition that is less susceptible to any damage. Lastly, direct exposure to sunlight, humid condition and heat should be avoided throughout the duration of the storage to safe keep the garment in optimum condition.

Floral Centerpieces for Weddings – How to Make it Outstanding

Wedding – the most exciting event in a person’s life. We all leave no stone unturned to make the wedding a memorable one with memories that will linger in our minds throughout our life.

A lot of little things sum up for a great wedding. The venue, the arrangements, the decorations, the food, the grandeur, all these are vital in this regard.

Especially, the decoration is what will last in people’s minds if it is done impressively. And the one decoration which can lure your guest is floral centerpieces for weddings. It is kept on the table where wine and food will be served, adds the extra class and glamour to the wedding.

In this post, we tell you how to make your wedding outstanding, with 10 amazing floral centerpieces!

Floral Centerpieces for Weddings - How to Make it Outstanding•  Pink and Red Flower Box Wedding Centerpieces

The stream of fuchsia peonies, raspberry cyclamens and ruby fringe tulips is blended with the few drops of pink in the new blooms of peas, nerines and hyacinths.

Setting up this attractive look is not difficult after all. Among aisle of vases, set this in a container. You could give the look a final touch by using ombre inspired sheets to wrap up the favor boxes.

•  Fountain of White Tulips and Yellow Wedding Centerpieces

Using yellow flowers for a summer affair could seem outdated. But while in a dramatic floral centerpiece of Phalaenopsis orchids, white and gold French tulips, Mimosa blossoms, the look is enhanced with the effect that is totally authentic. To add to the glitz, make water styled place cards and combine it with a good tablecloth. You would not need extraordinary skills for that. All you need to have is a printer.

•  Multiple White and Green Wedding Centerpieces

Team up clear whites and warm creams with a couple of green flowers. These are the situations which need to be lush, and you would probably never have enough supplies for the cold.

Since these centerpieces have slots of viburnum, Ireland bells, carnations and asclepias pods, they can have a great business!

•  White Wedding Centerpieces

Along with cream and white palette, there are few frosted goblets, if the product it has topped the table has a crisp; it is because of sense issues that might happen.

•  White, Black, Yellow for a Centerpiece

The spring time intimacy generated from combining lemons, Florida Lilies, tuberous begonias, black elder berries and Cattleya orchids. Considered to be apt for golden celebration, this floral arrangement will leave you with your mouth speaking great things about your own wedding story.

•  A Garden to Hang Out

Girls generally like an array of potting the zinnias. The pots are filled with colors of acrylic to suit the flowers. The wedding florists can decorate and arrange flowers according to the theme selected. Seeds placed in a glass bag could be attached to every place card in your reception and also help through it.

•  Free Form Centerpiece

These kinds of centerpieces are put in small wood trays that comprises of peonies, dogwood, viburnum, spires, maidenhair fern and green parrot tulips.

•  Favor Centerpieces

You could present your guests with elegant bouquets of their own. These flowers must be held in floral tubes full of water and must be filled with chamomile and lady’s mantle. Presenting the guests with bouquets will also impress them and leave them in a sense of delight.

•  Sunny Centerpiece

This is a group of small to large blooms that are in colors of creamy white, mossy green and pale orange. This will let the table set into a bright mood of a sunny day and is sure to grab a lot of attention.

These are the 10 floral centerpieces ( you could use to make your wedding different than others. So, which one are you going for?

Do you have any questions or points to add here? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

Wedding Florists Add Personality with One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Flowers

A wedding is an occasion that is incomplete without a bridesmaid throwing flower petals at the bride’s entrance, beautiful bride holding a bouquet in her hands, banquet hall covered in flowers and relatives spreading petals at man and wife in order to give their blessings. Flowers play a crucial role in making a wedding a wonderful to look at. People usually do not understand the importance of wedding florists Wedding Florists Add Personality with One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Flowersand hire anyone they find easily. Later, when the face major problems on the occasion they have no other option than regret.

Some common mistakes people face by hiring wrong florist:

•  Many times people arrange an ocean view location for the wedding, but decorate the sitting area with a grand flower centerpiece that will eventually distract the guests from scenic beauty they have around them.

•  Communication is the key to every successful turnout, discussing your opinion and desires with the wedding florist before the occasion is very essential. This way you do not have to wait for some surprise and feel relaxed instead, as you knew everything is going to be perfect on the judgment day.

•  Every traditional ceremony has its importance and role, using the same flowers at the entrance, near food arrangements and the dance floor is so not right. Blending and composing different arrangements depicts the kind of dedication you put towards arranging an event.

•  Never book your florist at the peak time. Wedding florist should understand the theme, emotions, location’s major attractions only then he can create a masterpiece for your most memorable event.

•  The bride is always right. If she wants any specific flower arrangement, then the wedding florist should be flexible enough to rearrange those decorations at the last moment also.

•  Flowers can come in any price range. A wedding florist should know where to use the expensive flowers and where to use other ones. The whole point of buying expensive wedding flowers is to arrange them somewhere where it will attract guests and grab their attention.

•  The best trait of flowers is that they come in any color possible. Depending upon the theme of the wedding, one can decide the color. Floral arrangement should complement bride’s gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, and the venue’s arrangements.

•  The wedding itself brings a scented aroma in the air, which is filled with love, emotions and passion. Mixing this aroma with strongly scented flowers will ruin its original effect.

•  Not keeping flowers hydrated at all times results in not so fresh looking flowers on the wedding day.

Spending lots of time selecting flowers for events and corporate gathering seems a little odd, but when it comes to wedding, every argument settles. Finding perfect floral decorations for such an auspicious occasion is not an easy task. A wedding is a beautiful and once in a lifetime experience that every bride or groom cherish for the rest of their lives. Wedding florists in Chicago, San Francisco or Las Vegas can give life to an event and soul to a wedding, one right choice can make a long-lasting impact on everyone’s life.

Professional florists understand your emotions and sentimental value attached to wedding and deliver spellbound results. Their commitment towards delivering a piece of art makes them essential to do justice to this auspicious day. Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder, presentation of flowers mixed with fabric, graphic designs can make your wedding pop and dreamy. In order to find a right wedding florist, some things should be taken under consideration:

•  Investigate about wedding florist’s previous work. Rating his work based on his previous work will help you get an idea about what you want and what you definitely do not want.

•  Always survey and meet 4-5 florists before coming into any conclusion. Every florist has a different sense of style and taste, but only one will truly understand your desires and help it implement visually.

•  Time and cost estimation is very important while planning a wedding. A good wedding florist ( will not only understand your theme, but also suggests you what flowers will lie in your budget and still do wonders for the wedding.

A wedding is an emotional occasion when the bride and groom not only decide to connect forever, but also ready to declare to the whole world that they belong to each other. Do not deprive yourself from a great wedding you deserve and let a professional adds flavor and style in your wedding with his talent and skills.

A Wedding Planning Essential – Finding a Wedding Florist

Weddings and flowers have a very strong relationship. Somehow the delicacy and beauty of flowers goes perfectly with the solemnity of the occasion and the beauty of two people being bound by love for the rest of their lives. Most people will agree that flowers go a long way in making a wedding venue look like it is out of a fairytale. This is the reason that it is necessary to find a good wedding florist who will be able to provide the correct flowers needed for your wedding day.

A Wedding Planning Essential – Finding a Wedding Florist

Let u look at some tips that you can follow in order to find good wedding florists in Chicago or nearby areas especially if you do not have a favorite florist already:

Asking around – Talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives etc., whether they have recently used the services of a good florist. They may have spotted a good one close to them even if they have not hired one. Ask for their website or contact details to be able to contact the florist yourself.

Check the website of the florist – Most professional and good florists have a highly professional website which provides all details about the flowers they sell, the ones they specialize in and the pictures of the weddings where they have provided their services. There will also be a vendor list with photos, reviews and prices of the flowers in detail. This information will help you make an informed choice of the best flowers within your budget. Some florists also publish the pictures of the floral arrangements on their websites.

Visit the shop personally – In spite of all the information you get on the website of a florist it is important to visit their shop personally. This will give you an idea regarding the impressiveness of their floral arrangements. Make a note of the arrangements that they have on display in their window and reception areas. Also make sure that the shop is clutter free and looks neat and clean.

Ask pertinent questions – Check if the florist in question is able to show you pictures of weddings with floral backgrounds, and usually most florists will have such pictures on display as well. Also make sure that they can design the center pieces in an impressive manner and they should also have expertise in decorating venues based on theme weddings. If all these factors come through as positive then you can safely choose that florist for your wedding.

Ask for previous work samples – Make sure that the florist in question has sufficient experience and if they do they will have pictures of their previous work like bridal bouquets, flower arrangements at different venues and table centerpieces. Ask for their recent work and make sure that they show you pictures of many different weddings.

They should be open for customization – A good and professional florist will understand that every wedding is different like the personalities of the people getting married. The wedding decoration does not just reflect the taste and preference of the people involved but also their personalities. At the same time, there is the question of matching colors and themes. This is the reason that a good wedding florist ( will always be open to customization. They will be open to your ideas and inputs to create a unique floral decoration for your special day. There are many creative options like the wedding dress, the flower containers etc. which can help design the floral arrangements and they should take all these factors into consideration.

Most of all florists you choose should be friendly and understanding to help you interact with them in a comfortable manner. They should respect your views and not try to dump their ideas on you. At the same time they should have with them a wide variety of flowers right from the regular ones to the exotic kind. Of course we all like exotic flowers but some budgets may not permit them and you may have to try different combinations in order to stick to your budget. A good professional florist will be able to create impressive floral arrangements with the most regular flowers and also provide some exotic ones if you so desire and can afford. Once you have ascertained all these factors, you can go ahead and hire the florist in question.

Use Centerpieces to Make Your Wedding Reception a Successful Event

No wedding is complete without centerpieces. They are items of wedding décor that are present in the maximum number, and catch the immediate attention of your guests. Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials, the right centerpieces make your wedding reception a remarkable and successful event.

Use Centerpieces to Make Your Wedding Reception a Successful Event

Floral centerpieces

Flowers are all-time-favorite constituents in centerpieces. Most couples find it difficult to imagine reception tables devoid of floral décor. Just as they are popular, floral centerpieces are versatile. The various hues and shades of these botanical beauties make them an inevitable choice in customizing décor according to different themes.

Roses, which symbolize beauty and love, are one of the most widely used flowers in wedding decor. They come in solid, bicolor, and tipped varieties, and hence are the perfect choice in creating centerpieces, be they color blocked, shaded, or multicolored. Tulips, peonies, and hydrangeas, are also popular choices in wedding centerpieces. Other favorite picks include calla lily, lily of the valley, ranunculus, and so on. A recent trend in centerpieces is the use of greens, succulents, and fruits – either as substitutes to, or in combination with flowers.

Floral centerpieces usually include vases. Though holders of metal and glassware are most widely used, those made of other materials like wood, wicker etc. may also be roped in depending on the theme and intended look. For e.g., a wooden or wicker basket featuring an assortment of flowers, along with wild fillers like thistles and raspberries creates a rustic styled decoration piece. Light colored blooms when placed in understated urns or containers of glass create a classic look and feel to the wedding. Single stems of graphic and exotic flowers, when combined with minimal greenery, and when placed in square or rectangular vases, portray a modern theme.

Non Floral Centerpieces

Modern day wedding decor in Chicago and other cities rely on constituents other than flowers, to decorate wedding and reception tables. This is more so true with wedding hosts who feel that flowers are clichéd, and who like to get creative with wedding décor ideas ( Popular non-floral décor on tables include candles, tea lights, and lampshades and so on.

Candles are widely used in non-floral table décor. They radiate warmth and evoke an elegant, romantic feel. They are often used with candelabras, and are a good choice in reception venues that are dimly lit. Lamps and lampshades, like candles, work as substitutes in decorating wedding tables. Oversized lamps serve as fillers on tables that have a large space. Wedding cakes too, are an interesting choice for non-floral centerpieces. Spreading out single tiered cakes, in different flavors, across different reception tables, encourages the guests to move around the venue and interact with one another. Other creative and out-of-the-box ideas for table decorations include corals and seashells (in beach themed or kitsch styled weddings), ice sculptures (in indoor, winter weddings), and hobby pieces (wine bottles to engage guests in wine tasting, vintage books for bibliophile couples etc.).

A great advantage of non-floral centerpieces is that, unlike flowers, they do not wither and can be kept fresh and pristine with minimum effort. Also, most of them (except scented candles) are not fragrant, and do not overpower the reception tables with a strong smell.

Choosing the Right Centerpiece

The best centerpiece for your wedding is the one that you are absolutely in love with, i.e., it reflects your tastes and preferences, while keeping up with the latest trends. While it is important to convey your likes and dislikes to the wedding florist or event design company, it is equally important to trust them with alternate appropriate arrangements; in case specific requirements cannot be met. It is also advisable to pay attention to other details like the time and location of the wedding, the size of the venue and seating arrangements, the wedding theme etc., when selecting centerpieces for your wedding. Finally, it is recommended that you work out budgets and set aside a specific amount for the centerpieces, lest the decorations burn a hole in your pocket.

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