What to Consider While Buying Lashes for Wedding

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You may not be a big fan of wearing false eyelashes in your daily life, but for the most auspicious day in your life –“wedding day” calls for the extra lash line. The reason is you want your lashes to blossom properly in your wedding pictures. The fact is the best false eyelashes look stunning in photos – lusher, thicker, glamorous, and sexy. Apart from improving your look to get good pictures, falsies are sweat-proof, cry-proof, and will not budge from morning until night.

Even if you want to have a minimum makeup look, try it with these eyelashes. You will agree that the finishing touch adds something special and romantic for your look for your special occasion. So, we have interacted with some of the reputed wedding makeup artists, and they have some tips about falsies and eyelash extensions that you should know before purchasing the best lashes for the wedding.


They are fake eyelashes, and the falsies do not have to look like glue-on, one-length lashes you have been wearing all the time. Just visit a good beauty shop where you will find pretty fake lashes of different brands. It is important to purchase enough lases, and the application is tricky, but no worry your makeup artist will help you to look like an angel. The best-looking falsies comprise eyelashes of various shapes. The falsies are temporary and can quickly fix them. However, it is a little bit hard to apply them when you want to coat them with after makeup. They are not expensive and costs 5 to 30 dollars per pair.

You can choose elegant and light lashes if you want to look seductive yet spiky and feathered instead of a thick, uniform band. They look more realistic and modern, and the lash band is not visible. If lash is very heavy and thick, there are higher chances that it will fall off after a few hours. So for the wedding, you need to choose lighter lashes that can stay for the whole day because the tip of the lash is lighter and not more substantial than the root or the band holding the lash. Another type of lash that suits perfectly is the demi lash that covers the half portion of the lash line and has to be placed on the outer corner of the eyes. This lash will give you a winged out and fluttery look. These lashes are short and not bend along the lash line so that the lashes will stick firmly to the lash line.

Eyelash extensions

While choosing the best lashes for wedding, they are viral pre-wedding beauty hacks and more committed than falsies. You can apply as two or three lashes per bunch or as individual lashes. The cluster lasts up to 14 days and the only ones up to 40 to 60 days. You also have to decide whether you need a full or half-set. The full ones will look denser, and please ensure you visit those salons that have expertise in preparing brides with eyelash extensions. Just give it a try, and you can find out whether extensions are the right fit for you. These extensions will easily last from dinner till your honeymoon and avoid mascara as the extensions will do a better job. Sometimes when removing, your natural lashes can come up, so you need to be extra careful when removing them. After application, ensure they remain dry for one day, so you need to take a break for a day from sweating at the gym or crying for pre-marital joy.

Opt for a lash band, and you may think it is a bunch of individual pre-cut lashes placed at intervals for dramatic length, but it is a single band. The length of the hairs is quite long, and if you prefer long lashes, chooses this one. This type of lashes is bendier and the short width makes sure it does not slip down the corners of your eye like several false eyelashes that easily slip down. Moreover, as there are gaps, your eye makeup will be visible, and the quality of the lashes makes you look more glamorous.