Why You Should Wear Lashes on Your Wedding Day?

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When your lashes are lengthy, it could take your beauty to another level — not to mention they make the eyes look quite bigger and brighter (a must for wedding photos). It doesn’t matter if you dream of an edgy silk jumpsuit, or a huge princess ball gown, every bride wants to look most magnificent on her D-day. Aside from the dress, every look is completed with the perfect makeup and hairdo. Nothing buoys up a make-up look so drastically what a pair of falsies can do. Nonetheless, some women are still daunted by the application procedure or are concerned that they might be too apparent. Literally, there are a variety of false lashes, and each is distinct in terms of longevity, cost, application, and effect. You know that even a single coat of mascara could make a large difference in bringing your makeup look of wedding-day from everyday to absolutely tempting. With false lashes, you would get the same result, but decuple. In the past, false lashes meant strips with glued-on that might or might not slowly peel off as the night went on. But current versions are natural, ultra-fine, and absolutely dance-proof.

When it comes to the application of makeup, bridal makeup is a completely distinct ball game. You not only want to look and feel the best, the makeup needs to hold on a full day, shine in all kinds of lighting, and look magnificent through a camera lens.

Apart from perfect skin, the prime concern about the beauty of most brides is the eye makeup. They want the eyes to pop and they want them to stand out. With no doubt, the application of eyelashes would swiftly and drastically intensify the eyes. They add thickness and length even to the meager lashes, without the inconvenience of overusing lash curlers, putting on mascara, and automatically having to separate spider legs.

With the added contrast, the makeup would for sure show up in the pictures and you would look and feel astonishing. In case you finalize to go all out with a magnificent, bold lash, or keep it precise with a natural, ‘no one will ever know’ lash, adding them to the makeup look would unquestionable be the ideal finishing touch. So how can you select the appropriate lash for you?

Types of Eyelashes To Get Fascinating Bridal Eyes:

When it comes to wearing lashes on the big day, there are usually 3 options which are considered as Best Lashes for Wedding:


We have frequently seen advertisements or purchase aisles full of large, fluffy, attractive scary strip lashes, and this could surely be what puts brides off wearing them full stop! But one should never fear as supernatural strip lashes are happily available too.

Strip lashes are usually very simple in application, meaning they swiftly add that final touch to the eye makeup. As the strips are applied over the lash line, usually from corner to corner, they could surely be known to lift at the ends. But, when using the appropriate glue and with correct application, they would stay in place.

However, if you are someone who is not used to wearing lashes in the initial place, they will not be my first suggestion. They could for sure feel uncomfortable and could create irritation.


Individual eyelashes are generally a bunch of around 2-5 lashes and are applied individually. It means that, as no strip is being placed over the length of the lash line, these eyelashes are much more pleasant to wear.
Individual lashes are buildable which means that we could make the desired look without having to find the ideal strip lash. In case you’d prefer a natural, hardly there look or long and fluffy lashes on the big-day, these beauties would do the job. The only downside is that these lashes do take more time for application.


The most enduring choice of the three, eyelash extensions is applied to your own individual lashes by using semi-permanent glue and usually lasts between 2-3 weeks before an infill is needed. As these lashes are applied before your wedding day, the makeup artist would save a lot of time on the morning of the wedding having no need to apply strips or individual lashes!

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