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Set Up a Dream Wedding Venue with These Decor Tips

A good décor is more than what meets the eye – it pays attention to effective space utilization, carpentry, graphics, fabric, furniture and so on. It also ensures a proper blend of all the elements involved, in order to create the perfect mood on your special day.

You may consider the task done as soon as you hire a wedding décor service provider, but here are few ways to make the most of it for your wedding.… Read More

How to Preserve Your Wedding Dresses

We human beings primarily choose our clothing based on weather and that is why we require good storage options like garment storage bags for preserving our precious clothes such as wedding dresses. In winter we get our scarves and hats out and in summer we get our lighter garments out from wherever they have been stored. For an organized type of person, this is the time to arrange, clean and store all the summer clothes.… Read More

Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe after the Ceremony

Wedding is obviously the most special occasion in a person’s life and he or she always like to preserve the swettest memories of this grand day by preserving dresses, jewelries and many other items for as long as he or she lives. Among all the memorable little things and precious objects wedding dress always enjoy a very special place of importance.… Read More