What You Should Know About Preserving Your Wedding Gown

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Once all the rush of your wedding ceremony and reception is settled and you are back to the regular everyday monotony of life, the first thing which, then comes to your mind is storing your wedding gown in a way that preserves it in the best possible manner and safeguards it from all outdoor pollutants.

Though, till a few years back the only popular wedding dress preservation method available in the market was vacuum packing, but nowadays it is not considered to be a good storage system. Though it protects your garments from oxidation damage, but one of the major drawbacks of this preservation method is that it causes permanent creasing and makes it difficult to reuse that garment ever again. In this preservation method, all the air is sucked out from the garment bag, which makes storage easier and decreases the storage space. However, this also causes the bridal gown to shrivel and does not allow the cloth to breathe. Some experts believe in the leave alone protection method, but in fact, this method can harm and cause irreparable damage to your bridal dress. The problem is when you fold over an item of clothing and store it for a long time then the material of your garment tends to deteriorate from the folds. As the box is opaque, this also makes the periodic inspection of your gown very hard and if even a small amount of moisture is left while storing, it can result in mold and mildew. This is the reason why even museums have stopped using this procedure for storing their heirlooms and costumes. As compared to vacuum preserving, leaving your gown hanging in your wardrobe may be a better storage idea!

But the good news is that there are a wide variety of preservation methods available in the market these days, which are more advanced and offer better protection. The first step towards any storage system is getting your bridal gown dry-cleaned. This will offer added protection for storage and your gown will also be ready for wearing, next time you take it out. You can also use boxing to store your gown. In this method, a box is lined with aid free tissue and the dress is kept in it. The only flaw in this procedure is that it takes a lot of space and again periodic investigation is difficult in this method as well.

So what is the best way to store your wedding gown? The answer to this tricky question is professional garment bags. They are one of the safest preservation methods and are even used by museums and archives all over the world. They protect your gown from light, dust and permanent creasing. As these bags are made of transparent and breathable material like muslin, they also allow the gown to respire and make regular examination easy. However, remember that you should never use a plastic garment bag and get a padded hangar for added protection.

This preservation method can protect your bridal gown from various outdoor and internal risks. Here are some of the common hazards that can harm your dress and how the preservation bags can protect your wedding attire:

What You Should Know About Preserving Your Wedding Gown•  Permanent Creasing – As your bridal gown in usually humongous, storing it horizontally, without folding might not be possible. And folding the dress can result in permanent creasing and spoil your gown. While by boxing, you can prevent this a bit by opening and refolding the bridal dress, every year or so,  and by hanging you can avoid these creases all together.

•  Mildew – As good quality preservation bags are made of muslin or similar breathable material, they help in maintaining regular humidity and allow evaporation of extra moisture. This prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

•  Discoloration – One of the most frequent enemies of any bridal gown is yellowing or discoloration. As your bridal gown is usually in bright, sparkling white fabric, even a slight tinge of yellowing can spoil its entire look. Usually, this is caused when the fabric is not able to breathe properly or becomes a target of fumes from bad quality plastic bags. Professional garment bags (www.wisegeek.com/what-are-garment-bags.htm) can prevent this by using breathable muslin cloth and layers of acid-free tissues.

So, keep these factors in mind and use good quality garment bags for effective wedding dress preservation.