How to Choose Your Wedding Dance Lessons

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Wedding dances add an element of fun coupled with emotions and excitement for the bride and the groom. The couple, their families, and friends can all participate in it and help create a lifetime of happy memories. But if you need help with the choreography then it is best to choose a professional dance class to learn it.

Here’s how to choose your wedding dance lessons.

Know what you want

It is best to not be completely clueless when it comes to your wedding dance. You need to have some clarity in terms of the genre of dance, the song, duration of the dance, and the participants. Such clarity will help you choose the right dance classes without wasting any time.

Select a professional dance school

Professionals can simply make life easier when you have a hundred things to plan for your wedding day. If you are not a pro at dancing then it is best to learn it right from those who know it. Simply start by searching online for wedding dance lessons near me. It will help you get a list of wedding dance classes in your area. You can review them and choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.

Most couples have an idea about their song of choice. But it may not always be the most exciting choice for a wedding dance routine. Professionals can help you combine one or more songs and create the most elegant yet fun choreography to enhance your wedding reception.

Professionals can also help choreograph routines for other traditional dances such as father-daughter. The latest craze is to involve the entire wedding party in a fun routine and professionals can create just the right groovy routine.

Keep an open mind

Yes, it is important to be clear about what you want in terms of the wedding dance. But it is equally important to also keep an open mind to your choreographer’s suggestions. Perhaps you just have a traditional dance routine in mind. But what if you can jazz it up a little with the help of surprise Salsa routine at the end? Perhaps the bridal party can put up a surprise routine of a peppy number to create more happy memories?

Even if you are a dance novice, it is possible to learn the basic steps of a new dance form to surprise your spouse, friends, and family. The couple’s routine involving anything but traditional ballroom dance can make your wedding reception unique.

Start with enough time on hand

Even for those who don’t have two left feet, learning a new dance routine can be extremely difficult during busy times. You may be all right but perhaps your partner needs more practice to master the Waltz you have planned to perform as your wedding dance. So, don’t put off dancing lessons as something last minute and begin as per your own requirements.

Dancing is something you can take up on the weekends or after work as a fun activity. It will also help you keep fit until your wedding day with extra physical activity.

So, schedule a meeting with your choreographer and discuss the time needed for you to master the dance number. Sit with everyone who will be professionally learning their dance routines for your wedding reception and devise a timetable for the same. Your choreographer can help you with it.

If you can’t make it to the dance studio every time for your lessons, choose online classes from the comfort of your own home. Online classes are also best when it is difficult to step out of the house for extended periods due to health or other concerns.

Budget it right

It is possible to go over budget when it comes to wedding receptions. So, choose the dance lessons that fit well with your overall wedding funds.

You can choose hourly rates or pay-as-you-go charges; whichever fits your needs.  You can also choose prepaid lessons (5 or 10) so that you will make the effort to learn the dance before you are done with the classes.

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