Wedding Florist – Things to Ask a Wedding Florist Before You Make Any Decision

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Your wedding is one the most magical experiences you will ever have in your life. From flowers to music, food to the venue, everything has to be perfect. But arranging for everything before your wedding can prove to be quite an arduous task. Striking the right chord with various wedding service vendors like caterers, florists, etc. can be especially difficult. Here, you will see a few questions that you should ask your florist before booking. It will help you make an informed decision on whether the florist is right for you or not.

Will your services fit my budget as well as my requirements equally?

Before delving into the mesmerizing services that a florist provides, tell them about your budget plan and what plans you have in mind for the wedding with regard to décor and floral arrangements for weddingsWedding Florist - Things to Ask a Wedding Florist Before You Make Any Decision. This will help them decide if they can fit you into their monetary goals. It is better to say goodbye to the florist before you fall in love them only to find out that you can’t afford them.

How long have you been in this field?

What you need is a floral designer who has ample amount of experience doing weddings, and possesses the creativity to make your wedding look magical. Experienced florists will know how to execute the floral arrangements perfect for your wedding in the most efficient and timely manner. They will know what kind of arrangement fits where in no time. So, make sure you ask about their experience before you make a decision.

Can I see some of your previous works?

Seeing their previous works you will be able to judge what kind of designing style they adhere to. You can decide whether it suits what you have in mind for your wedding. By examining their works you will also get to see how they have evolved over time and if they are capable of being dynamic. You should also carefully examine their feedbacks when you show your inputs, such as photos, collages, design ideas, etc. If you get a feel that they know what you are talking about, working with them will be a breeze.

Will you make samples for me to see and let me modify it?

Without actually seeing your design come to life, there is no way you can absolutely sure about it. No matter how impressive the presentation of the florist is, ask them for a sample beforehand so that you can judge it based on firsthand knowledge. Some florists will offer you samples if you are willing to pay a minimum advance amount, while for some additional payments are required. This is a great way to decide whether you like every detail about the arrangement or if you need any modification done. It is better to find it out before the big day arrives.

What type of décor do you think would go well with the floral arrangement?

Ask the florists for opinion on the décor that would complement the floral arrangement perfectly. It is better to choose a florist who is interested in the overall arrangement of your venue and not just the flowers. That way you can understand whether they have good taste, and if they will be able to bring out a design that goes hand in hand with other arrangements. Some designers will additional services related to décor as well.

How do you take your payment?

Before you strike a deal with any florist, you need to be fully aware of how the payment process works. Different florists resort to different methods for the purpose. Some demand a fee per item, while some charge based on the service rendered. There might be a delivery charge, which they may not mention. Be sure that you ask them about it. Otherwise you might have to face unprecedented charges on the day of the wedding. Enquire about the payment plan, and as to when the payment is due.

How does the refund/cancellation criterion work?

Do not forget to mention this in your discussion with a potential florist. Since no one can predict the future, unforeseen factors may arise which may lead to cancellation or postponement of weddings. Make sure you are aware of every aspect of their policy regarding cancellations and refunds, and that you are comfortable with them. You might also want to ask them about their liability insurance.

Floral arrangement of a wedding ( can bring a certain unparalleled charm to the event. You need to make sure that you pick the right florist for the job to get it done perfectly. Keep these questions in mind before you walk into any meeting with a potential florist for your wedding.