Find the Perfect Lingerie Sets for Your Wedding and Honeymoon

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As a bride-to-be, you dream of walking down the aisle on your big day wearing the prettiest of gowns, and in your most beautiful best ever. There are a lot of elements that contribute to your beauty and confidence. As important as the outfit and the accessories that you wear is the lingerie that goes with them. Bridal underwear has many options. You can shop for separates or pick them up in coordinating sets, also known as lingerie sets. Such combinations of bras and panties, often with other items of lingerie such as garter belts, are as functional as they are beautiful, and are a great choice to wear under your wedding gown, on your wedding night, as well as on your honeymoon. Here are different kind of lingerie sets that you can wear on these special occasions, and some tips on how to pick sexy lingerie in UK.

For the wedding

Your first instinct would be to select lingerie sets that are sexy. No one’s stopping you from doing it, but what matters most in bridal underwear is how comfortable it feels when worn for a long time, and how well-hidden it remains under your gown. Bridal lingerie can be sexy, but you can always reserve the super sexy and steamy styles for the night. For the wedding ceremonies and reception, the lingerie set that you wear has to blend in well with your gown. Lightweight laces and sheer fabrics are a great choice in this regard. One option is a classic bra and panty set with garter belts for holding your stockings in place. You can select a style of bra and panty that is suitable for your gown. Strapless bras are for off shoulder and strapless gowns. Plunge bras are for gowns with deep and revealing necklines.  Halter neck bras are for gowns with similar necklines. Classic lace and strappy bras are for A-line and ball gowns. Bikini panties are for gowns that are free flowing around the waist. Thongs and G-strings cut out visible panty lines under form fitted and body hugging gowns, while being super sexy. High waist knickers and panties give you a sleek and slim abdomen under gowns that are fitted around the waist.

Another type of lingerie set that you can choose for your wedding is the bustier set. This lingerie set is similar to a longline bra and may offer mild shaping around the abdomen, but more importantly, gives you a well-shaped bust. Bridal bustier sets also usually include a matching thong panty, and garter belts as well. Similarly, you could also opt for corset sets with matching panties and garter belts if you are wearing a gown that is extremely fitted around the torso. And needless to say, any lingerie set that you buy has to be white or off-white to go seamlessly under your gown.

For the wedding night and honeymoon

The best time to bring out playful and seductive lingerie sets is the wedding night. There is no limit when it comes to choosing coordinated underwear for your special night. These styles can be worn without second thoughts for your honeymoon as well. Laces and sheer meshes are for those who love to stay classic. Be it a full lace bra and panty, or one with lace trimming, these beauties are elegant and sensual. Vinyls, leather, and meshes are for those who want to take the love game a notch up. They have an unmatched seductive appeal that’s not for the faint hearted. Velvet and satin with embroidery are for those love the luxurious styles. Strappy bra, cage bra, bra and girdle sets with G-strings, three piece bra with garter belts – there are many lingerie sets that you can choose from. You can also opt for lingerie sets with satiny, embroidered chemises and panties, bustier and panty sets, or even a teddy with garter belts.

Black is one of the most popular colours on lingerie sets for the wedding night and honeymoon, but you can perk up the play with vibrant colours too. Bright blues, ravishing reds, pretty pastels, gorgeous greens – there’s no limit to having fun with colours on these underwear sets. You can also play around with the trimming – lace ties, satiny bows, embellishments, embroidered panels, and satin overlays, all add to the beauty and sensuality of the lingerie sets that you choose for the special night, and the days that follow them.

Whatever be the lingerie set that you select for your wedding, wedding night, and honeymoon, ensure that it is well fitted and comfortable to wear. Lingerie such as corsets and bustiers need to be tried on and worn a couple of times so that you do not feel uneasy in them on your wedding day. Those for the wedding night and honeymoon can be less comfortable, as they may be purely for seductive purposes, and you may not wear them for a long time.