Top Seven Tips for Planning a Catholic Destination Wedding in Perfect Style

Estimated Time to Read: 4 minutes

Marriage is an event of a lifetime and a lot of people prefer to enjoy a destination wedding these days. It offers romance and adventure at an exotic locale. Now what would happen, if you are from the Catholic community and want to arrange a destination wedding? Apparently, it may seem tough, but it’s not so difficult if you can get the planning right including wedding decor and floral arrangements. Let’s check out a few tips for planning a Catholic Destination Wedding in the right way:

1.  Select the location – It’s important to select the location of the wedding. Discuss with your fiancé as well as your family members about the place where you want to get married. Book your flight as well as your travel accommodation 5-6 months before your wedding date.  You may search the travel websites for finding out the best deals. Besides, you should find out a hotel having enough space for accommodating your family members and guests. Moreover, you need to talk with the priest for executing your premarital preparation required by Roman Catholic Church. Do not forget to consider the budget for your wedding guests in case you are opting for wedding at a distant place, outside your state or your country. Remember that all your guests won’t be able to attend your marriage, if you arrange your wedding at a far-off place.

2.  Send cards to guests beforehand – Wedding cards play a significant role in case of destination wedding.  You must send cards to your guests just after your wedding has been fixed mentioning the date and venue of your marriage. The cards are important for your guests as they have to make the plans and preparations accordingly for booking their flights and hotel rooms to attend your celebration.

3.  Pay heed to the local marriage law – If it’s a destination wedding, you need to follow the local marriage law of the state you are traveling to. In case, you are confused, get in touch with the tourism bureau for checking all the essential criteria you should meet for getting married legally. Always carry your passport and birth certificate as id proof.  Besides, it is obligatory for some countries to apply for a marriage license.  Be sure to arrive at your desired wedding destination a few days earlier than your wedding for completing the official procedures.

4.  Seek the assistance of state attorney general – You could also take the assistance of the attorney general of your state. If you are following all the legal procedures of marriage, U.S. will recognize your marriage. Nevertheless, if you have any kind of doubt, you should seek advice from the attorney general of your state. If you lose your marriage license, always ask for another certified copy.

5.  Appoint a local priest – You also need to hire a local priest and tell him all the details about your wedding plan. Find out the Catholic Church from the internet or else, you can ask your local priest to provide you the contact info. The priest can assist you in choosing the structure of your ceremony and the readings. Furthermore, you may have to attend the premarital course of your community and fill up all the important paper works provided by the priest. As soon as your paperwork will get approval from the priest, you can send all the documents to the Chancery office who in turn forwards the paper to the office of the canonical affairs at the site of your wedding. However, if you want all the papers to arrive at the right office, you should take the preparations 3-4 months before your wedding.

6.  Choose an Event Planner – In order to plan your wedding ceremony in a befitting way, you must choose an event planning service provider. Search online for a wedding event planner who will take all the responsibilities pertaining to your caterer, musicians, flowers and reception party. If required, you may opt for a wedding planner specializing in arranging destination weddings to make all sorts of arrangement related to your wedding. A local wedding planner can help you a lot in hiring vendors and making all the arrangement on your budget. It is more helpful in case you are planning your wedding at a place, where you don’t know the native language.

7.  Order a ceremony program – If you are inviting non-Catholic guests to your wedding, you can order a ceremony program. This would help your guests to understand the symbolism of your Catholic wedding ceremony.

Follow these simple tips and plan your Catholic destination wedding ( in the perfect manner.