Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe after the Ceremony

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Wedding is obviously the most special occasion in a person’s life and he or she always like to preserve the swettest memories of this grand day by preserving dresses, jewelries and many other items for as long as he or she lives. Among all the memorable little things and precious objects wedding dress always enjoy a very special place of importance. With every wedding photograph and moments inscribed in your memory most returning theme would be this dress itself. But as soon as the wedding ceremony is over and guests returned to their homes and respective destinations it is needed to prepare this precious piece of cloth with proper cleaning and then storing it in a proper storage least susceptible to any damaging elements. Keeping the wedding dress safely stored just after the ceremony is over will guarantee long life for this ever memorable piece of garment.

Options for damage preventing storage

There is an array of easy and fool-proof storage technology to keep your wedding dress in a nice condition maintaining all the shine, look and breathe of the fabric for long time. There are dedicated wedding dress storage bags Keeping Your Wedding Dress Safe after the Ceremonyto prevent coming into contact with any damaging effect like the moisture, chemical reaction caused to fabric due to corrosive elements in the air and inadequate space in storage. Moreover, there are active protective technologies in certain storage bags that can guarantee keeping your wedding dresses breathing for years long. But before indulging into the consideration on suitable storage options let us offer here some tips and guidance prior to keeping them in storage.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Techniques

First of all, the dress should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the optimum condition of the garment fabric while put in storage. Removing so called prominent and noticeable stains apart cleaning process should also take care of all the obscure spots and stains. This is why it is advisable to make your garments cleaned by the professional hands rather than regular cleaning service. There are certain types of stains like that of champagne and sugar that can be left unclean by regular wash. Remember, if such small and imperceptible stains remain untreated, they can oxidize and over a period of time can turn yellow stains causing permanent damage to the garment. Wedding dress is precious and you would always have a sweet corner for it among the valuable and so giving it a professional clean is important. Secondly, ensure gentle hand cleaning with a quality cleaning materials. Traditional dry-cleaning method involving pre-treating of the stains and then offering a thorough dry-cleaning is also good time tasted procedure. But ensure few things like the extremely gentle solvent used in dry cleaning, removing the fragile decorations and the muslin wherever possible and then re-sewing them after the cleaning, etc. Stay away from using hard stain removers as they can cause permanent damage to the fabric and always give priority to petroleum-based cleansers as stain removers, because they are relatively gentle on the fabric.

Safe keep as quick as possible

As for storing your wedding dress ( is concerned you cannot just delay on it because the stains on the garments can settle further deeper. If you have already washed the garment and did not arrange the adequate safe keep for it, it can again catch stain and by catching moisture can be in a very bad shape at the time of storage. So, as soon as the garment is cleaned and dried just make sure you have stored it in a proper storage prepared or arranged well in advance. Remember, a maximum duration of 72 hours you can keep such precious garments out of storage. When putting the entire dress in storage check the entire settings including the veil, headpiece, garter, train, etc.

Correct packaging or storage is crucial

Ultimately it is the correct packaging materials or the storage technology that makes a difference in retaining the shine and fabric of the entire dress for a longer period of time. Storage and its active technology to ward off moisture and corrosive material in the air is the key element to ensure the life of your wedding dress. There are few important aspects to consider. First of all, the storage materials should be absolutely acid-free and thoroughly clean. Secondly, using a acid free paper for wrapping the garment is crucial to ensure ideal storage condition that is less susceptible to any damage. Lastly, direct exposure to sunlight, humid condition and heat should be avoided throughout the duration of the storage to safe keep the garment in optimum condition.