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Top Seven Tips for Planning a Catholic Destination Wedding in Perfect Style

Marriage is an event of a lifetime and a lot of people prefer to enjoy a destination wedding these days. It offers romance and adventure at an exotic locale. Now what would happen, if you are from the Catholic community and want to arrange a destination wedding? Apparently, it may seem tough, but it’s not so difficult if you can get the planning right including wedding decor and floral arrangements.… Read More

Set Up a Dream Wedding Venue with These Decor Tips

A good décor is more than what meets the eye – it pays attention to effective space utilization, carpentry, graphics, fabric, furniture and so on. It also ensures a proper blend of all the elements involved, in order to create the perfect mood on your special day.

You may consider the task done as soon as you hire a wedding décor service provider, but here are few ways to make the most of it for your wedding.… Read More

Wedding Florist – Things to Ask a Wedding Florist Before You Make Any Decision

Your wedding is one the most magical experiences you will ever have in your life. From flowers to music, food to the venue, everything has to be perfect. But arranging for everything before your wedding can prove to be quite an arduous task. Striking the right chord with various wedding service vendors like caterers, florists, etc. can be especially difficult. Here, you will see a few questions that you should ask your florist before booking.… Read More

Floral Centerpieces for Weddings – How to Make it Outstanding

Wedding – the most exciting event in a person’s life. We all leave no stone unturned to make the wedding a memorable one with memories that will linger in our minds throughout our life.

A lot of little things sum up for a great wedding. The venue, the arrangements, the decorations, the food, the grandeur, all these are vital in this regard.… Read More

Wedding Florists Add Personality with One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Flowers

A wedding is an occasion that is incomplete without a bridesmaid throwing flower petals at the bride’s entrance, beautiful bride holding a bouquet in her hands, banquet hall covered in flowers and relatives spreading petals at man and wife in order to give their blessings. Flowers play a crucial role in making a wedding a wonderful to look at. People usually do not understand the importance of wedding florists Wedding Florists Add Personality with One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Flowersand hire anyone they find easily.… Read More

A Wedding Planning Essential – Finding a Wedding Florist

Weddings and flowers have a very strong relationship. Somehow the delicacy and beauty of flowers goes perfectly with the solemnity of the occasion and the beauty of two people being bound by love for the rest of their lives. Most people will agree that flowers go a long way in making a wedding venue look like it is out of a fairytale.… Read More

Use Centerpieces to Make Your Wedding Reception a Successful Event

No wedding is complete without centerpieces. They are items of wedding décor that are present in the maximum number, and catch the immediate attention of your guests. Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials, the right centerpieces make your wedding reception a remarkable and successful event.

Use Centerpieces to Make Your Wedding Reception a Successful Event

Floral centerpieces

Flowers are all-time-favorite constituents in centerpieces. Most couples find it difficult to imagine reception tables devoid of floral décor.… Read More

Make Your Wedding Memorable

Weddings are occasions of merriment and joy. They are once in a lifetime events that create fond memories and leave lasting impressions in the minds of hosts and guests alike. It is only apt that the backdrop for such occasions be set in the best and most enrapturing way possible. Wedding décor does precisely that.

A good wedding décor is the perfect concoction of various elements like floral arrangements, lighting and sound systems, seating arrangement, graphic displays, art installations, etc.… Read More

Make Your Wedding Memorable with the Best Wedding Decor

Whenever you think of something grand that has happened through your life, or will be taking place in the future. One thing for sure that comes to anyone’s mind is the wedding. The D-Day when you possibly want the skies and stars, also to be perfect, you can hardly think of compromising on anything. From the trousseau, vanity, make up, venue, food and topping the list the deco & the ambiance around need to be carefully done with all sorts of fine detailing.… Read More