Use Centerpieces to Make Your Wedding Reception a Successful Event

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No wedding is complete without centerpieces. They are items of wedding décor that are present in the maximum number, and catch the immediate attention of your guests. Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and materials, the right centerpieces make your wedding reception a remarkable and successful event.

Use Centerpieces to Make Your Wedding Reception a Successful Event

Floral centerpieces

Flowers are all-time-favorite constituents in centerpieces. Most couples find it difficult to imagine reception tables devoid of floral décor. Just as they are popular, floral centerpieces are versatile. The various hues and shades of these botanical beauties make them an inevitable choice in customizing décor according to different themes.

Roses, which symbolize beauty and love, are one of the most widely used flowers in wedding decor. They come in solid, bicolor, and tipped varieties, and hence are the perfect choice in creating centerpieces, be they color blocked, shaded, or multicolored. Tulips, peonies, and hydrangeas, are also popular choices in wedding centerpieces. Other favorite picks include calla lily, lily of the valley, ranunculus, and so on. A recent trend in centerpieces is the use of greens, succulents, and fruits – either as substitutes to, or in combination with flowers.

Floral centerpieces usually include vases. Though holders of metal and glassware are most widely used, those made of other materials like wood, wicker etc. may also be roped in depending on the theme and intended look. For e.g., a wooden or wicker basket featuring an assortment of flowers, along with wild fillers like thistles and raspberries creates a rustic styled decoration piece. Light colored blooms when placed in understated urns or containers of glass create a classic look and feel to the wedding. Single stems of graphic and exotic flowers, when combined with minimal greenery, and when placed in square or rectangular vases, portray a modern theme.

Non Floral Centerpieces

Modern day wedding decor in Chicago and other cities rely on constituents other than flowers, to decorate wedding and reception tables. This is more so true with wedding hosts who feel that flowers are clichéd, and who like to get creative with wedding décor ideas ( Popular non-floral décor on tables include candles, tea lights, and lampshades and so on.

Candles are widely used in non-floral table décor. They radiate warmth and evoke an elegant, romantic feel. They are often used with candelabras, and are a good choice in reception venues that are dimly lit. Lamps and lampshades, like candles, work as substitutes in decorating wedding tables. Oversized lamps serve as fillers on tables that have a large space. Wedding cakes too, are an interesting choice for non-floral centerpieces. Spreading out single tiered cakes, in different flavors, across different reception tables, encourages the guests to move around the venue and interact with one another. Other creative and out-of-the-box ideas for table decorations include corals and seashells (in beach themed or kitsch styled weddings), ice sculptures (in indoor, winter weddings), and hobby pieces (wine bottles to engage guests in wine tasting, vintage books for bibliophile couples etc.).

A great advantage of non-floral centerpieces is that, unlike flowers, they do not wither and can be kept fresh and pristine with minimum effort. Also, most of them (except scented candles) are not fragrant, and do not overpower the reception tables with a strong smell.

Choosing the Right Centerpiece

The best centerpiece for your wedding is the one that you are absolutely in love with, i.e., it reflects your tastes and preferences, while keeping up with the latest trends. While it is important to convey your likes and dislikes to the wedding florist or event design company, it is equally important to trust them with alternate appropriate arrangements; in case specific requirements cannot be met. It is also advisable to pay attention to other details like the time and location of the wedding, the size of the venue and seating arrangements, the wedding theme etc., when selecting centerpieces for your wedding. Finally, it is recommended that you work out budgets and set aside a specific amount for the centerpieces, lest the decorations burn a hole in your pocket.