Make Your Wedding Memorable

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Weddings are occasions of merriment and joy. They are once in a lifetime events that create fond memories and leave lasting impressions in the minds of hosts and guests alike. It is only apt that the backdrop for such occasions be set in the best and most enrapturing way possible. Wedding décor does precisely that.

A good wedding décor is the perfect concoction of various elements like floral arrangements, lighting and sound systems, seating arrangement, graphic displays, art installations, etc. It also takes into account, every little detail associated with the function – the people involved, their preferences, the venue, allocated budget, and so on. Decorations for a nuptial also speak volumes about the personality of its hosts and enhance the mood of the celebrations.

Colors & Themes

Themes and color schemes play an important role in decorations for marriages. These are to be selected after considering various factors. For instance, elaborate and extensive décor create an odd look when used in a small wedding venue. On the contrary, bright colors work wonders in lighting up a large reception hall. Opting for current trends is a great way to make statements in weddings – it leaves an impression on the guests that you are abreast with the latest picks of the season. It also works as a pocket friendly option, as very little décor needs to be customized for your wedding. Vintage, rustic chic, classic romance, ethnic, seaside celebrations, etc. are some wedding themes that are currently in vogue.

Floral Arrangements

Flowers and floral arrangements are the next important component in wedding decor in Chicago or anywhere else. While centerpieces remain the most attention grabbing articles, other elements like bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, and aisle and altar arrangements have also begun gaining prominence. Wedding flowers are best chosen depending on the season and local availability. They come in varied qualities and price brackets and account for a major chunk of the wedding budget. While natural flowers are preferred the most, succulents and artificial flowers are gaining popularity among users, especially because they are less expensive when compared to natural ones.

Other Decor Elements

Arrangements for seating and dining are equally important in wedding decor. Chair and table decorations include the use linens, sashes, table runners, name plates, and place cards, etc. When laid out creatively, they add an element of fun to the celebrations. For e.g., in a beach themed wedding, the seating layout could resemble a shell; wedding favors ( could double up as adornments on the table.

Present day marriages focus a lot on unconventional and out-of-the-box designs like the use of floral walls, decorated birdcages, metallic balloons, painted flower pots, costume jewelry, tea lights, towering candelabras, and decorated trees and so on. These elements often add a touch of personalization to decorations for the nuptials.

Hiring a Wedding Décor or Planning Company

Wedding décor plays a significant role in setting real-time and photographic backdrops for memories and in bringing the wedding vision to reality. It is as important as any other item on the wedding list and needs to be planned carefully. The best time to begin preparing for the same is as soon as the wedding dates and the venue get fixed. This helps avoid last minute glitches or worries. A good way to go about decorations for the nuptials is to hire a professional wedding décor company or planner; these professionals, with their expertise and experience, take care of all your needs from A to Z. They also serve as repositories for wedding ideas and tell you what’s hot and what’s not. Wedding planners from Chicago, New York or Los Angeles shell out practical solutions so that you stay rooted to your budgets without compromising on satisfaction. Interviewing multiple vendors helps you analyze the strengths and weaknesses and decide the best fit according to your needs.