How to Preserve Your Wedding Dresses

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We human beings primarily choose our clothing based on weather and that is why we require good storage options like garment storage bags for preserving our precious clothes such as wedding dresses. In winter we get our scarves and hats out and in summer we get our lighter garments out from wherever they have been stored. For an organized type of person, this is the time to arrange, clean and store all the summer clothes. At least for few months from now you won’t need any bikinis, shorts, sleeveless and half sleeves.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Dresses

Without proper garment storage bags your clothes are likely to worn out earlier and show signs of decay. From the damage caused by mildew and insects to the stains gathered from dust gathered in storage boxes, there are too many ways the damage can set in. Let us now provide here a thorough guide as how to prepare your garments before storing them for longer period of time.

Cleaning, drying and ironing the clothes

Obviously, cleaning and drying the clothes properly is the first step to begin with when you plan for long time storage for the last season garments. While cleaning, make sure that the garments are cleaned thoroughly and show no signs of stains or dirt on them. Stains and dirt left for a long time become stiffer and cause permanent damage to the fabric of the garment and they are also likely to attract insects. After giving your garments a proper wash it is advisable to dry them properly as deposit of moisture can actually turn into damaging stains on the garment fabric. Lastly, as soon as you have washed and dried your garments ironing them is advisable before heading for storage as you can preserve the shine and stylish pleats and folds of the garments better this way.

Avoid air-tight vacuum packing

For the purpose of saving storage space many people prefer vacuum packing that squeezes the garments in a tight leaded space devoid of any air. But experts say that the natural fabric of the garments needs air to sustain their quality, shine, timber, softness and durability. Actually the fabric made of natural ingredients needs to breath and in absence of air for a longer period of time they are very likely to lose their structure and integrity. Actually in vacuum pack the garment fibers are compressed and thus garments loses their usual shape and it takes days to come back to their original look and feel. For all your precious suits, wedding dresses, designer shirts and exotic stuff it is least recommended to store garments in a vacuum pack.

Do not use plastic bags

Many of us just put our precious gowns and suits in plastic bags and keep them at the wardrobe thinking that they have been stored with a separate care. Actually, quite contrary is the case. Storing garments in plastic bags causes more harm to the garment fabric than not storing them at all. Plastic bags catch moisture easily and can cause chemical reaction in the long run and so instead of storing them in such cheap bags look for some acid free storage options. Garments are precious and they need adequate storage.

Stay clear of excessive squeezing and fold

Handling with care and dignity is the right approach for garments. Though they are not breakable objects they are more susceptible to damage from rough handling than many other objects. Never ever pack too many garments in a cramped small storage place. Such squeezing of garments to accommodate too many in a small place would not leave any room for the fabric to breathe and cause irremediable damage to the fabric and designer aspects of the garments, wedding dress or uniform. Excessive squeezing in a small storage space can make damage to the shin of the fabric, stitches and the embroidery work in some garments or can damage buttons and side pockets. Before storing the garments make sure you have adequate space ready for the storage. Another advice is to avoid folding the garments beyond one or two folds as this can have the same damaging effect and can damage the smooth ironed shin and the pleats of the garments.

Ideal storage condition

Ideal storage condition for garments is obviously cool and dry place with no direct exposure to sunlight, heat and moisture. Garment fabric keeps their ideal texture and shine when stored in a cool, dry place away from any heat and light. Always make sure that the storage bag and packing is absolutely acid free and it is preferable it it offers an active ingredient to drive away moistures from inside the storage.